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Installment Loans Online For People With Bad Credit History

How Installment Loans Work

Even if your credit history is checkered, you do not have to deal with financial emergencies on your own. Our network is meant for those looking for urgent money support and helps you to access lenders willing to quickly offer you installment loans. After applying for a credit you can expect to receive money within one business day to solve your financial problems.

How to Apply

The application procedure is free, easy and takes just a few minutes from your work or leisure time. All personal information is protected – we use up-to-date 256-bit SSL encryption technology. After filling out the form your application is forwarded to private lenders registered in our network that will provide you with a variety of loan offers. Please make sure you have time to review the terms of all offers that will be sent to you. There will be one or more offers suiting your particular situation perfectly. You do not have to pay any penalty fee if you decline an offer.

Installment Loans Qualification Criteria

There are few criteria that you are supposed to meet in order to be given online installment loans. Those are basic and easy to meet though.

  • Age – a borrower must be at least 18
  • Legal Status - a borrower must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Employment - a borrower must be employed within the USA
  • Financial Details - a borrower must meet certain financial criteria and have a bank account in his/her name
  • Contact Details - a borrower must provide his/her lender with a phone number and a valid e-mail address.

Unfortunately, lenders we represent are unable to provide credits to those in bankruptcy and reserve the right to refuse to individuals already having installment loans or other credits no matter what their income is.

Money Transfer Procedure

If you filled out your application form right and meet all qualification criteria, you will receive one or more offers from lenders. Review them carefully, choose one and decline others with no penalty charge for doing it. To confirm your agreement, use your electronic signature and check your bank account on the first business day following the procedures described above. Normally it takes our lenders just one day to transfer you funds via electronic deposit but if you need to fax verification info to the lender first it will take a little longer. Our lenders have various terms and conditions for their credits so we strongly encourage you to review every offer very carefully and call for a friend or relative help if you are not sure you understand it. Make sure there are no questions left before you enter an agreement. There is no obligation for a potential borrower to accept an installment offer but you should be sure to have means to pay off the credits given to you.

Online Installment Benefits

By using our network you can get easy installment loans whenever there is a need. It takes our lenders just one business day to transfer you money after you fill out the application form. From most borrowers’ experience, the best way thing to do with installment loans is using them carefully. You should never borrow more than you need to settle an urgent situation or more than you can repay with your next paycheck. By paying back your credits on time you will maintain good relations with your lender of choice and will be able to improve your credit rating. Reliable borrowers are offered lower interest with bigger installment sums next time they need a credit.



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